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sharing ideas and working across borders

sharing ideas and working across borders

Intercultural Dialogue Project – Laboratories of cross-cultural practices

“a room for research, experiment, and manufacture…”

”…any place, situation, set of conditions, or the like, conducive to experimentation, investigation, observation, etc.”

This project was a partnership between Laundry in the UK, with the Borderland Foundation in Poland and the New Culture Foundation in Bulgaria. Over a two year period (2008-10), the work was structured around creative laboratories using artistic practice in diverse multicultural communities. Each project partner undertook their own creative activities, in their specific locality and in multicultural communities – where the issues explored were matters of memory and experience, destruction of cultural heritage and environment, social and ethnic conflict, immigration and community development and cohesion. Laundry organised Creative Laboratories with local partners in Wolverhampton, Birmingham, Leeds, Bela Rechka, Hania, Warsaw, Sejny, Skopje, Baku and Walsall. The ongoing work work was shared through these exchanges, seminars, presentations, publications and practical projects.

This web site provides a snapshot of activity at any given point of the project, documenting some elements of each partners programme of work, points of debate and some reflections on our experiences.

Web site constructed by The Dickie Birds and Brendan Jackson, Laundry

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